When I applied to medical school, I felt I didn't have any connections or resources to help me navigate the application process. I often felt lost and was searching frantically through online forums to find answers. I knew a person would be a much better resource, but I just didn't have that on my side. As a 4th year medical student, I want to be this mentor for others who are in the position I was once in.


-Chamara Dharmasri

UNC School of Medicine

Getting into medical school is not an easy task—whether it is the extremely high standards we set for ourselves as pre-medical students, the sheer workload we must endure to be qualified to apply, or the infinite number of resources that claim to give us the ‘key’ to getting into medical school, it can all be very overwhelming. I want students to view me as an ally, friend, and cheerleader as they persevere through the challenges that accompany medical school applications.


-Sami Vedula

University of Arizona College of Medicine

One of the things that was most surprising to me as a medical school applicant, and what was also so challenging to navigate, was the fact that there are a lot of strategic moves that need to be made in order to give yourself the best chance. There exist certain unwritten rules that, had I not had amazing mentorship, I would not have known.I hope to share some of the knowledge that I have learned with students that are going through the same thing.

-Alexandria Ayala

Duke University School of Medicine

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